NPTEL Awareness E-Workshop Events

Organized by :Mangaldai College in collaboration with SWAYAM-NPTEL Team, IIT Madras
Date of Event : 2023-06-20
No of Participants : 171
Document uploaded by: Mangaldai College in collaboration with SWAYAM-NPTEL Team, IIT Madras Department

An NPTEL Awareness E-Workshop was organized by SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter, Mangaldai College on 20.06.2023 from 10 am in collaboration with SWAYAM-NPTEL Team, IIT Madras. The Resource person of the Program was Dr. Shib Sankar Das, NPTEL Team, IIT Madras. Dr. Kamala Kanta Borah, Principal, Mangaldai College was the Guest speaker of the event. Dr. Das explained in detail about different aspects like Domain Certification, FDP, Job Oriented Courses, Soft skills workshops, NPTEL Stars etc in a systematic way. Krishna Das, SPOC, Mangaldai College SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter and the program coordinator, gave a presentation focusing on the impact of SWAYAM in Mangaldai College along with the Vote of Thanks. The live streaming of the event was displayed at the Science Gallery for both the faculties and students. The program coordinator also addressed the queries of the participants at Science Gallery and urged everyone to enrol and get benefitted from the courses. Certificates from the NPTEL Team IIT Madras were sent to the faculty members.A total of 171 students were benefitted from the workshop. Linkfor the event: Video Link

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