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Department of Arabic


1. Life member of Indian Science Congress (No.L-26107).

2. Life member of Assam Science Society (Ass/LM/5022).

3. Life member and Existing General Secretary of Eden Club & Library, Galandi.

4. Executive member of MCTU.

5. Vice-president of Mullapara Eiddgah Committee.

6. Vice-president of Char-Chapori Sahitya Parishad, Darrang.


(e.g. Journal)


1. Tafsir al Quran in Assamese language: An extraordinary work of Maulana Abdul Hoque. ( “Jnanam” A trilingual Academic Jouranal, 2014, ISBN 2393-8110)

2. Contribution of Maulana Abdul Hoque in the Field of Tafsir literature with special reference to Tafsir Al-Qur’ an (Research paper), Penorama, A Journal of Multi disciplinary Research papers and Articles. Vol.-II, No.-1, (ISBN 978-162776186-4) Published by vision publication, New Delhi, Oct. 2013.


Chapter in BOOKS


1. Pragna (Mukhapatra), Mangaldai College Teachers Unit (2011), Name of Chapter : Arabic Language: A brief Sketch

2. Edited Book (Prabandha Sourav) Published by MCTU, June, 2015 (ISBN-9778-81-925698-3-3). Name of the Chapter : The Importance of Arabic Language and Literature.






1. Jibran khalil jibran: An outstanding writer as well as a great humanist. (National Seminar, Moirabari College, 2013)

2. Contribution of Maulana Abdul Hoque to Islamic studies in the light of Tafsir al-Quran.(International Conference, Abhyapuri College, 2013).

3. Higher education in N.E. India: Problems and Prospects, (UGC National Seminar, Kharupetia College, 2015)

4. Holy Quran : The Maxim Instance for women, (UGC National Seminar on women Empowerment: Issues & Challenges, Mangaldai College, 2016)

5. “Arabic writing in India with special reference to Assam ((National Seminar, Assam University, Silchar, 2016). Article: 05

6. “Mysticism in Arabic Poetry and Assamese Poetry: A Comparative Study” in three day International Seminar on mysticism in Arabic poetry organized by Deptt. Of Arabic, G.U. sponsored by NCPUL, UGC, 6th to 8th February/2014 (Presented).

7. Presented a Paper on “Bharatar Shwadhinata Andulon aru Darrangor Musalman: Ek Chamu Avalukan, National Seminar on “Role of the Muslims in Indian Freedom movement” organized by the Erudite Society, Darrang, Assam, 30th & 31st Jan/2016. (Presented)

8. Presented a Seminar Paper on the topic Indo-Arab Relations in Different Dimensions- State Level seminar on the Topic (Indo-Arab Relation : Its Impact on language, Literature, Philosophy & Culture) Hosted by the Dept of Arabic, Rangia College, Rangia Sponsored by NCPUL, New Delhi held in 31st March/ 2016. (Presented)

9. Presented a paper on the topic “Women Empowerment in building a better world in the light of Risala-i-Nur” organized by the Department of Arabic, University of Gauhati & Istanbul Foundation For Science and Culture, Turkey “International Risala-e-Nur Conference” held in 16th & 17th February, 2017. (Presented)

10. “Use of ICT and the Concept of Smart Classroom” in UGC Sponsored National Seminar on “Role of IQAC in sustenance and enhancement of quality in higher educational institutions (HEIS)” organized by IQAC, Kharupetia College in collaboration with Gyan Vigyan samiti, Darrang held on 8th & 9th February, 2017 (Presented)

11. Al-Halat-al-iqtesadiyyah wa-al-Ijtimayiyyah lil Mar’atul Muslimah fi Mintaqat-e-Darrang fi Assam, UGC sponsored National Seminar on Rights of women in Islam, organized by the Dept. of Arabic, Rupahi College in collaboration with Rupahi Kohinoor Club, 9th & 10 the Oct./2017 . (Presented)


M.A ,M.M, M.Phil,B.Ed,Ph.D

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